Our Services

From small beginnings, Mick Newport Contracting has steadily expanded its operation and range of quality services.  Looking at Mick Newport’s history of projects and jobs, it is evident that the company has undertaken just about every possible type of sheet pile installation and earthmoving work; achieving at the highest standard.  However, even that outstanding record is not the limit of Mick Newport’s capabilities.  The company has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness and capacity for taking on difficult and demanding projects. Harnessing the skills and knowledge of other industries and professions, Mick Newport Contracting finds a way to meet the toughest challenge.

It is no surprise, therefore, that Mick Newport Contracting is Queensland’s premium excavation and general plant hire contractor for:

  • Sheet pile supply and installation
  • Roadworks
  • Subdivisions
  • Drainage
  • Sewer work
  • Water reticulation
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Car park construction
  • House site preparation
  • Embankment stabilisation works
  • Rock work for creeks, rivers streams and sea walls
  • Rock wall construction
  • Dam cleaning and reconstruction
  • Canal cleaning
  • Boat ramp work
  • All other aspects of earthworks

Utilizing skills and expertise gained from ongoing learning, improving and growing over the years, Mick Newport Contracting specialises in:

Sheet Pile supply and Installation

As a QBCC License holder in Foundation Works, (piling & anchors) Mick Newport personally knows the expertise and skill required to successfully install sheet piles in the safest manner so you can get your project done. Where others have failed, Mick Newport Contracting has been called in to successfully rectify the situation which can only happen when you have many years of experience.

This often complex and challenging skill is an expertise which Mick Newport prides himself on and with brand new and state of the art Excavators, Movax and EMV rigs, Mick has everything he requires to meet all safety and quality standards.

  • Sheet pile sales
  • Sheet pile hire
  • Sheet pile installation

Detailed Excavation:

With well-maintained, quality equipment and highly skilled operators, the company can confidently take on any excavation challenge.  Mick Newport Contracting is always on the lookout for new technology on the market that will enhance its first-class fleet. It has now a comprehensive range of attachments to address all earthworks needs.

Rock wall construction:

The expert in rock wall construction, Mick Newport is highly regarded for its outstanding skills in rock wall building in streams, estuaries and on foreshores across the region, including stabilisation of creek and river embankments.  It utilises a range of attachments that minimise damage to vegetation on the foreshore and banks.

Dam Building, Drainage and Sewerage:

Mick Newport Contracting is the expert for all dam building, drainage and sewerage especially in areas with high volume rainfall.  Services include:

  • Stormwater drainage
  • Stormwater pipelines
  • Open earth drains
  • Dam building
  • Dam cleaning
  • Large or small scale sewerage reticulation projects

Drains, Creeks and Bridges:

Mick Newport Contracting ensures that drains and creeks are fully and expertly maintained at the highest standard through its drain and creek cleaning services.  The company lives up to its reputation for conscientious and rigorous adherence to environmental requirements by reducing bank impact and through stabilisation of bridge piles.

 Emergency call out:

When emergencies arise, Mick Newport Contracting is available 24/7 to attend to customers’ needs.  Mick Newport Contracting has frequently been first to provide emergency solutions for significant cyclone damage, landslides, storm water pipe collapse, causeway and bridge failure.   The company owner/operator will always respond and be on hand to coordinate.