Our Machines

Mick Newport Contracting has the best equipment available on the market.  Its own team of highly qualified and talented maintenance engineers keeps all equipment fully maintained so that customers can be confident that the best equipment is available for their job.   The company has a passion for environmental sustainability, investing in machinery that will minimise damage to the surrounding land, foliage and fauna.

Equipment includes:

·         Wheeled excavators – the Hyundai 210W-9 so that damage to road surfaces is minimised

·         Case 225 and Case 235 Zero Swing excavators (25 tonne) travelling on 800 mm wide tracks minimises overall ground pressure on the worksite, ideal for those jobs where access space is limited.  They also reduce any potential negative impact on foreshore, river banks and the overall environment.

·         Case Long Reach excavators (19 metre reach)

·         IT Tool Carrier Case Loader

·         Trucks – tandem tipper truck

·         Volvo Tandem Water truck

·         Kenworth  Quad Axel low loader float

·         Sheet piles supply and installation

·         Range of excavator capacities – rockbreakers; rock and tree grabs; all size buckets; rippers; compaction wheels, skelton buckets & grader blades.

·         Also available through Mick Newport Contracting is a fleet of loaders for transporting equipment.  By being fully mobile, the company can offer a ‘go anywhere’ service and respond in a very timely manner to call-outs and other contracting needs.