Our Point of Difference


  • Mick Newport Contracting, the premier one-stop-shop in earthworks, is founded and operates on the values of hard work, honesty and trustworthiness.
  • Safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are core operational principles that guarantee satisfaction and feedback is actively sought and valued.
  • Mick Newport Contracting understands the significance of budget and deadlines, working conscientiously and reliably within those parameters.
  • Customer service is a priority so Mick Newport Contracting fully consults with its clients at all stages of the job, addressing needs and concerns in a proactive and timely way. Plant combinations and project supervisors are available for all projects, large or small.
  • Mick Newport Contracting is only satisfied when the highest possible standard has been met. Its team of highly skilled professionals takes real pride in a ‘job well done’, setting the bar high in terms of quality, cost and efficiency.
  • Located in the World Heritage Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef Region, Mick Newport Contracting has the deepest of commitments to protection of this precious environment. A highly proactive environmentally friendly company, it uses high quality equipment designed to reduce damage to the surrounding flora and fauna.